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The Lost Sadhanas Project
The Buddhist Paths of Emptiness and Fullness

The Lost Sadhanas project seeks to draw a distinction between the Buddhist paths of emptiness and fullness. Fullness is the path of the clear light, bliss, devotion, the blazing sun, compassion, and infinite awareness or Being. Emptiness is the path of purity, detachment, wisdom, silence, and the Void.

Maitreya gives his approach to the two Buddhist paths
  • Maitreya's View on the Paths of Fullness and Emptiness
  • Below are two sets of buddhist yidams who represent the two different approaches. The Lost Sadhanas Project seeks to balance the two approaches, and asserts that the path of emptiness has crowded out and suppressed the path of fullness in Vajrayana Buddhism.

    The first set of beings is intended to represent the path of fullness and it is followed by beings who represent the path of emptiness.

    Yidams or Buddhist Deities who Represent Fullness and Emptiness

    Buddhist Deities Representing the Path of Fullness
  • Amida - The Buddha of the Land of Bliss
  • Avalokiteshvara - The Bodhisattva of Compassion and Spiritual Emanation of Amitabha
  • Vajradhatvisvari - The Shakti of the Celestial Buddha Ratnasambhava
  • Maitreya - The Bodhisattva of Friendship - Shedding the Pain of the Past
  • Maitreya - The Bodhisattva of Kindness and Friendship (repeated from Home page)

    Buddhist Deities Representing the Path of Emptiness
  • Mamaki - The Shakti of the Buddha Aksobhya
  • Vajrapani - The Bodhisattva and Emanation of the Buddha Aksobhya
  • Vajragarbha - The Bodhisattva Who is the Destroyer of Illusion
  • Vajra Varahi - The Dark Goddess of Liberation
  • Blue Dakini - The Dancer on Ocean and Sky
  • Black Dakini - The Dark Face of the Void

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