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The Eagle-headed Form of the Vajra Dakini

The Vajra Dakini says,

The seeker may visualize a diamond with the mantra OM VAJRA DAKINI HUM at its four points to invoke the dakini. For this teaching, the seeker uses the white form of the dakini in the shape of a clear diamond.

Today we will discuss a single avian form of the dakini in greater detail.

The eagle form has the largest body and wingspan, and the greatest strength of all the bird forms. This is needed to bring the soul through many planes to the Void, in which the soul disappears as an individual.

Some paths attempt to dissolve the soul while it is still incarnate. This is not a good practice. The person may feel liberated while alive, but at death, the reincarnation process becomes knotted and clumsy. With the soul's unity disintegrated, it reincarnates in pieces. People are not liberated because they imagine that they are. They must have moved through the joys and sorrows of many lives, and matured through many realms of experience. Premature claims of inner emptiness create chaos and disarray. People must become something before they become nothing.

So the eagle form of the dakini comes to the mature soul, familiar with responsibility as well as joy and sorrow. This is the soul who has fulfilled his or her obligations and been given such guidance as a blessing. This eagle form cannot be requested or chosen through meditation.

So the soul is guided by the eagle form of the dakini and rests atop the inner Mt. Sumeru, and bows before the vast skies which are the realms of the Buddha worlds.

The dakini in eagle form descends from the sky, and brings the soul before a chosen form of the Buddha. This celestial Buddha will be in the midst of a crystalline world colored according to one of colors of the five Celestial Buddhas.

The paradise will be half in the manifest world and half in the Void. The celestial world is like foam floating upon the ocean of the Void.

If the Buddha judges that the soul is unattached to objects and persons, the skandhas or components of the soul will fall around it like flower petals opening and then dropping to the ground. At the center is pure awareness, which is the soul's true nature without its marks of individuality. The soul's components will fall away in whirlwinds, and the person will dive into the Void. The Eagle Dakini will return him or her to the physical body later.

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