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The Lost Sadhanas Project - The Vajra Dakini
Practice: The Initiation Meditation

Begin by chanting OM-AH-HUM Vajra Dakini HUM. Visualize a Visvavajra with this chant. The Dakini's Vajra will take on different forms. It will also be diamond, made of light on light.

The diamond Vajra sends out rainbows. There are circles of rainbows which surround the Vajra, with magenta, cerulean, and golden light most prominent. There is also light which comes out of the 4 tips of the double Vajra which is gold and white.

It is actually a triple Vajra, with a Vajra coming forward and receding backward (though this third form of vajra is not visible). Similar to a gyroscope with its spinning energy, it creates and organizes an energetic gateway in time and space.

The center of the Vajra shines brightly and the Vajra Dakini appears in its midst. The Dakini sits on a white lotus with a golden center in the midst of a paradise that is primarily blue-green, with lakes and trees. Each lake is composed of souls who exist in millions of droplets, leading off into the vast ocean of awareness. The trees and flowers express ever new forms of infinite beauty, and the skies have currents of liberated souls that sparkle in the cosmic winds.

Breezes of love draw souls towards the Vajra Dakini, and breezes of freedom scatter them throughout the universe.

The Vajra Dakini says,

Dakinis emanate forms which both support the eternal paradise and also enter into history. Consciousness waves and flows and scatters into souls as numerous as sand grains in a galaxy of beaches. They enter worlds limited by time and space, and take on bodies composed of different forms of light. As they move from one to the next, they create other bodies with suitable karma to be shaped. For those whose bodies are more spirit than matter, my emanations can assist in these transitions. So the Dakini's form is visualized as composed of the diamond vajra's light, layered and sculpted into different forms. These forms are the doorway to my paradise world.

For those who seek initiation, visualize a white lotus in the heart and have it blaze with light. Call upon me, and first see a tiny spark in the air above the lotus, a seed which can blossom. Chant my name or mantra until the seed becomes a diamond. From within the gem, I will send out light in a form that imprints itself on the initiate's heart. This form is my emanation, the Dakini who acts as a spiritual guide. It appears as a diamond in the lotus.

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