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The Vajra Dakini - The Owl Form of the Dakini

The Vajra Dakini says,

My owl-headed form focuses upon traditional knowledge, and the ability to see through the shadows of the night. I take on the form of a white owl that flies in the moonlight.

Like the hawk, the owl is a messenger. However, it does not bring new information, or new sadhanas. Instead it brings commentaries and interpretations of existing texts. It is not a prophet but more like a rabbi, studying and debating the ways that revealed teachings may be understood.

While the owl form may be associated with mystery, it is a specific type of mystery. It moves from the raw to the cooked, from inspiration to explanation. It would be a bird of teachers but not of wild yogis.

This bird is an inspiration to scholars and scribes. It is a creature of translation, of one language or one skill to another. The original revelation is one stage of knowledge, but it must be transmitted and spread.

So it must be written or drawn or composed. Revelations can be expressed in many media. But once initial teachings have been given, something must be done with the information.

The owl will mix the ink and paints, help stretch the drum, and polish the horns (used in Tibetan ritual). The owl will protect the translator or scribe, giving encouragement and a sense of mystery.

This is the safest form for those which wish to tread the spiritual path slowly.

To meditate on the owl form of the dakini, the yogi should sit amid trees by the side of a clear lake. There should be a full moon and the yogi should focus on the moon reflected in the water. There will be circles that emerge, and a grid. The yogi must enter it full of enthusiasm. It opens a door, and as he or she flies in, he or she will be with me in bird form. I will teach the yogi as I fly.

The owl form can be associated with luck, for it sees past the darkness and flies into the light. It is lucky for people to see past misfortune and the darkness of resentment and ignorance, and be able to see the clear light that shines beyond it.

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