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The Lost Sadhanas Project: Maitreya
The Infinite Gem Opening into Maitreya's Paradise

Meditate upon Maitreya's mantra. There appears a sky full of suns, a cosmos of suns and galaxies. An image of the Silver Surfer appears in a wreath of suns. He shines with silver moonlight. He says, "I will be your Yidam and guide today. I will take you to Maitreya's paradise."

He surfs the cosmic waves on an ocean shining with sunlight. The golden light ripples on the waves and currents. We follow the waves into the sun.

The surface of the sun is a golden mandala, sparkling and bright. There is a lotus at the center which opens to show a statue. At first, it looks like white marble but then it turns to crystal with a golden flame inside.

Then it turns into an infinite gem whose facets are like mirrors within mirrors. The guide says, "You must now choose the way alone."

I see a path of detachment making new facets in the cosmic yellow diamond. But it is not the path I choose. I contemplate love and compassion, and a path of flowers appears as the way forward. They have many colors which hold the joys and sorrows of humanity. I accept them as a way to understand the Buddha of friendship and love.

Suddenly I am in the midst of a dark universe, with the flower path as the only way across a vast abyss. Beneath are the worlds of samsara. The path is a narrow one across unending darkness and emptiness.

But I have faith in Maitreya's mercy. The flowers light up with golden footprints and I follow them over the abyss. I do not look down. My only wish is to enter Maitreya's paradise.

In the empty sky, a golden door appears. I leave the flower path to go through it. The path on the other side is made of golden light, with guardians who are tawny lions, golden peacocks, and pheasants along the side. I admire them but they are not my goal.

I enter a garden and Maitreya appears as a French courtier with a great plumed hat. He bows, gracefully removing his hat, and the garden is full of song. There are mantras, gospel songs, welcome songs for gods, and a chorus of bird songs.

He continues the Musketeer look, and says, "All for one, and one for all." And I am caught up in golden light that fills the heavens.

Maitreya is a child who loves the sun, and an old man surrounded by scrolls and books. He says, "Who is happier, the child or the scholar? Follow the path of joy."

There is a bright blue river that flows into the sky, and it has golden light reflected on its waves. I follow it, and Maitreya's meditation song is a current that runs through it.

The current runs into an ocean, and in it is the giant golden lotus which surrounds Maitreya's paradise. It is a land of endless sunrises, with each day more beautiful than the last.

It is surrounded by mist, but as I travel closer, the mist dissolves. There are gardens and flowers and calling birds, with crystal clear water that grants immortality. With each sip from the jeweled fountains, the soul becomes stronger, healthier, and more loving.

There is golden sparkling light moving in the area. It looks like it is alive. Perhaps it is. There are souls which shine like jewels as they pray, study, and dance. They incarnate to help suffering beings, and with each selfless act, their light becomes brighter.

Maitreya is a vast sun that fills the sky. Before the sun sits a diamond sculpture of a Buddha, his manifest form. I Iook up at him and his brilliant light washes everything away.

I hear Liszt's Funeral March music and see the darkness of death. But Maitreya says, "Each death is the start of a new life. The good must fade away to make room for the better."

Within the shining veils Maitreya sends many types of love. There is friendship and romantic passionate love, and idealized love and care for those with broken hearts and damaged minds. He replaces the love that was lacking long ago in so many lives. Maitreya says, "All human love is incomplete. But the love of a bodhisattva is endless." My heart becomes a gold and cerulean blue butterfly, flying through the skies of joy and following him.

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