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The Lost Sadhanas Project: Maitreya
Practice: The Second Step - Renouncing the Past

We continue to climb the stairway of images, of roles that show the true nature of the self.

The second step contains an image of a flower, golden, and shaped like a squash blossom. It draws perception inwards.

The center of the flower turns into the road of the past. As the soul strides down the road of citrine pebbles, past events pop up along the sides of the road. They draw in the soul, for each has love, hatred, tragedy, anger, abuse, admiration, and desire. These are the events that have shaped the personality.

Maitreya says,

This is the stair on which the soul must detach itself from past passions. The soul is formed by the great winds of passion, which bring both idealism and suffering. Sparks of the soul are bound to past events, as well as to past landscapes, especially those of childhood. In this way, the soul has been spread into an environment, and must coalesce in order to travel, and enter my paradise.
The thick bond of love, light, and compassion draws the soul upwards. But the small thread-like bonds of desire and ignorance bind the soul and surround it. It is a prisoner in the web of the Time Spiders, who symbolically tie souls into single lives in single worlds. The threads of pain are coated with pleasure, and the passions are compressed into a smaller and smaller range of potential.

The soul must make its way out of this cocoon, to find beauty beyond time and space. Each attachment must be disconnected. Each desire must be turned in another direction. The soul is tied down like Gulliver by Lilliputians, except that the ropes are pleasurable, and the soul quickly adapts to living in these constraints.

They create a robe that no longer fits the soul. It is getting too small, for the soul is growing. But can the soul leave its heavy robe behind?

The cloth of time and space is a straitjacket which binds spiritual growth and limits movement. There are webs of ignorance which blind the soul to depth, and are difficult to tear.

Each past attachment must be detached with respect and honor to pass over this step.

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