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The Lost Sadhanas Project - The Vajra Dakini
Some Notes on Mantra

Mantras are the means of meditation and travel. RAM creates tunnels through consciousness, with rivers that the soul may follow. OM returns the soul to a state of potential, ready to act. AH opens the self to light filling it with energy and vitality, HUM direct the energy down to a particular locale. OM AH HUM readies the mind for directed meditation. KLIM forms itself into a spiral, to circle around the guardian and evade its katas, its archetypal forms and positions of threat and defense. KRIM softens the movements so that the soul slides from one position to another. SHRIM echoes through the consciousness around it, creating new tunnels and angles for bypassing the guardians.

BOM shatters existing structures, preparing the environment for perception of the deity. It creates an empty space within the heart. HUNG KAR creates a hook which attaches the self to places within the mind. It has stages and levels of depth. Its opposite, AHAMKAR, brings the mind to the surface, coalescing around an attachment.

The names of deities are generally also the roads that lead to them. If a mantra is uncertain, the name can always be used. The soul comes directly to meet the god.

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