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Notes on the Hawk-Headed Dakini Image

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The Vajra Dakini - Notes on the Bird Dakini Image

Author's note:

Several years ago, I saw a blackened cave wall with the images of bird-headed women near the Rumtek Buddhist monastery in Sikkim, now part of India. They triggered a vague memory, which did not become clear until much later.

This memory involved a dakini who gave revelations, a teaching which had been lost, and needed to be recovered. She believed that it would be useful for practitioners to be aware of the bird forms of the dakinis. As she noted, while Vajra Yogini appears in bone ornaments, I choose living leaves and berries for my jewels. Vajra Yogini tears apart illusion and desire rending the person's identity down to the bone. But I give support to the blossoming of awareness and love.

My veils are the green of life and the living ornaments that I wear are gifts. My outer aura has the feathers of birds of many colors, to show the many examples of the beauty in nature.

I beat the rhythms of nature on my drum, and my bell rings the absorption of form into formlessness. From the black lotus of matter, I dance the spirit.

My hawk form is revelatory, and it can be drawn in two ways. On emphasizes the human body, and hawk head as it dances. The other has multicolored wings and flies. As Vajra Dakini, my highest form is the clear diamond but I can descend through various emanations to accomplish various goals.

I reveal wisdom for those who have a pure heart, interest in knowledge for its own sake and not to gain status or power or worldly reward.

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