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Practice: The Diamond Land Meditation

The Vajra Dakini says, "This meditation can be practiced when entering the dream state."

Here is the meditation:

The soul is a wanderer in snowy mountains. The sky is bright blue. The air is fresh and clean. There is a distant smell of evergreen trees and pilgrims burning wood. But the wanderer goes on alone following a dream.

The dream shows a path to the Diamond Land, the paradise of Vajra Dakini. A narrow road rises through the mountains away from villages and monasteries, even away from animals. Only in perfect silence and isolation will the entrance appear.

The wanderer goes higher and higher into the mountains, and the blue sky turns aquamarine. There is a rumbling sound and snow falling all around. The wanderer seeks shelter in a cave which is unusually dark.

As the wanderer's eyes get used to the darkness, a tiny light appears far in the distance. He (or she) walks towards it, and icicles and stalactites ring like chimes. A road inward appears, and stalagmites rising from the ground take on the forms of desires and temptations. Lust, pride, greed, and hatred, all have become living ice forms which seek to drag the wanderer down.

But the wanderer will ignore them, and follow the sound of the chimes. He (or she) will walk the narrow road between sheets of ice and waves of hot lava, and will ignore the illusions thrown in his way by the spirits of the earth.

The wandered reaches a gate of ice full of frost flowers, and cannot find the way through. But the mantra OM AH HUM VAJRA DAKINI HUM shatters it.

Inside is a diamond land where all the living things are also sparkling diamonds that reflect spiritual light. There are calling birds whose chiming songs bring the wanderer to ecstasy. There are lotus lakes, fragrant and delicate, and gazebos and palaces. White peacocks march slowly across paths of tumbled gems. There are swans with eyes like topaz and wings like pearl. There are jeweled butterflies and golden sands.

She says, "I sit on a lotus that is white, slightly golden towards the middle, and slightly pink towards the tips. Everything is beautiful here and everything is also conscious."

The skies are golden and peach and lavender, with a sun that shines brilliant white light which refracts into rainbows.

She says, "I sit on my lotus throne, and rays of light shine from me. I create a space for the pilgrim, a woven mat of silver piled high with gems."

She asks what he (or she) wishes, and the true devotee answers, "I seek only to worship you". At that moment, the shadow of bad karma falls away and the pilgrim shines with the pure light of the Diamond Land.

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