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The Lost Sadhanas Project: Maitreya
Legacy - Completing One's Karma

Legacy is what you leave behind. Have you helped the world? Is it a better place for your having been there? Or have you gained success through lies, hatred, and insult? Every prayer and wish for peace helps the world. Every lie and curse harms it. You should leave the world a better place for having lived.

Destiny is the completion of your final karma. Each spark of life begins with an impulse to act. This is sometimes called adi-karma. In the actions over countless lives, each sentient being creates a cosmic cloud, like a galaxy of stars. Each is unique for there are millions and billions of acts that shape the cloud into sculptures. Some are horrors, or black clouds full of monsters. But others are beautiful sunsets, and white clouds that dance in warm winds.

Destiny is the final shaping of the karmic cloud into a work of art. It is the soul's gift to the infinite museum of being, a donation to halls of infinite life. What makes such a gift worthy?

The soul ready for my paradise has followed its call. Some are called to learn and teach, some to create new ideas and objects, and some to help others. Each soul has a unique ability. Has it been found and used?

Legacy makes the world a better place; destiny tells how that should be done. Striving shapes the soul; its knives cut away the dross. Life expands, suffering contracts, and the soul goes through both. The life of awareness of destiny fulfills all karmic obligations. It thanks the earth for its incarnation, and honors it with gifts.

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