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Maitreya Describes Buddhism's Two Paths

Buddhism has two styles of spiritual path - one is fullness and the other is emptiness. They idealize different types of beauty.

My path is the path of joy, friendliness, and love. It is more Mahayana and focuses on compassion. It tolerates chaos and complexity in the name of love, flowers, jewels, silks, and incense. Here we have Buddhist paradises with bells, chimes, and singing birds, with fragrant flowers and delicate perfumes. It is a path of richness.

The path of emptiness is more Zen or is perhaps similar to Sunni Islam in the West where dance, music, and drawing of human figures are mostly forbidden. Everything unnecessary is thrown away. Rooms are empty, minds are empty, the only music is silence. Meditation is ripping away one aspect of the self after another, so the Tibetan Chod Rite where the self is torn apart and sacrificed to reach emptiness makes sense. Joy is irrelevant.

I know the people who tread that path and I respect them but they are alien to me. My meditations emphasize life and benevolence. Have you ever noticed that the emptiness people tend to be impatient, harsh, and lacking compassion for the weak and confused? For them, most of the world is an obstruction. There is much suppressed anger.

But my path is slow and easy, trying to guide the confused and lost subtly and without struggle. I give rather than take away. My meditation broadens rather than narrows.

Theologically, I am linked to the earthly historical Buddha whose inner light was the green color of action, accomplishment, and change. People pray to me to save the world, to save them, to change their karma, and get rid of their enemies. They want me to cleanse the world of evil when I incarnate.

They do not understand who I am and where my path leads. I do not fight evil. I fill it with love and beauty so it no longer seeks to destroy. I do not enlarge and bloat egos. Instead, I bring realization of sorrow and the growth of compassion. I do not come to cleanse the world of impurity. I place the impurity in context so its reasons and motivations are clear. Death brings a new life. Disease allows germs to have their place in the scheme of things, and dirt brings forth plants, fruits, and flowers.

I am tolerance in a world that wants victory. I am sorrow and care for the suffering where people want revenge. I am not what most people want.

Though I am often linked to Gautama Buddha, my true link is to Ratnasambhava, the Buddha of harmony and golden light. Those who choose to walk in beauty and help those who suffer may find that their path will lead them to his world.

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