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Mamaki - The Shakti of the Buddha Aksobhya

The musicality of being is the silence which holds all knowledge
It is the quiet pool at twilight, free of ripples and full with the moon's reflection
It is the breathing of a quiet forest, whose creatures are at rest
It is the water of an underground river, which flows towards the sunlight
It is the perfect white vase, empty yet full

Life reflects the music of being when it has no passion or anxiety
When the deep blue of midnight has spread over all the land
When there is joyful hope, when the light of wisdom is soon to dawn
When the stillness is perceived within all movement
When the Self is awakened

The worshiper of silence and purity is clean, free and at rest
He sees the air within the bubbles of form
He hears the quiet within the loudest music
There are no conflicts within him, nor desires nor illusions
His mind is spontaneous, yet composed
He bows neither to idols nor demons nor gods
His heart is free of waves

I am the mediator of purity, the essence of salvation
I am the ladder which is climbed to the ultimate Goal
I quiet restless minds, and open up cloudy emotions to moonlight
I clear the jungle path of brambles, that the true seeker may proceed unhindered

Silence holds the keys to all doors, the answer to all riddles
The music that is heard is but a symbol, a manifestation, a stain upon the clear sky
Melodies and notes are but illusion, reflections upon reflections, which bind the pilgrim and bind the heart
Silence destroys all barriers, destroys all forms, brings the blind to see again

My lord is Aksobhya, the One
Unique, alone, unchanging in a universe full of change
He is silent, invisible, there is no form to bind him
He brings all beings to freedom unending
He bursts the chains of existence, freeing all from identity
He sits quietly, and brings the raving masses to peace.

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