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Temple Statue of the Bodhisattva Maitreya

The Lost Sadhanas Project: Maitreya
Shedding the Pain of the Past

Part of the path of fullness involves receiving the aid of helpful bodhisattvas like Maitreya who assist the seeker with purification and the removal of past pain.

Maitreya says,

I appear in different forms. I can be a shining golden sun, a white rose with a golden center, or a sculpture of a golden Buddha in the midst of rays of light. My appearance heralds a new dawn, when the old, rigid structures of the past fall away, and love and beauty emerge like green shoots in the spring.

Many people have hearts that have been calloused by pain, which turn to rock and ash. But I am the King of Hearts. With my scepter, I can open hearts which have been blocked and closed by pain. The hearts burst open with sparkling light, exploding like a volcano, getting rid of the pain of many incarnations. It is said, "No man is an island", but many people are much like volcanic islands. As the rocks burst forth from the heart, they fall down to other parts of the soul. From there, they must be realized and expelled.

As the Bodhisattva of friendship, I try to help alleviate the suffering of all beings. I carry my sack of gifts, to cheer up the unhappy, fill the empty, and give hope to those in despair. I am the Avatar of Friendship, the Lord of Love, the Caliph of Compassion. I care for the hurt and the fallen, for those who have been rejected and abused. I see the beauty of those called ugly, the grace of those called clumsy, and the value of those called useless. People are like lumps of coal with diamonds inside. I look through the darkness of matter, and see the shining spirit within.

Every age has the selfishness of the powerful, and the suffering of the weak. Every age wonders if humanity can continue in the face of war, poverty, disease, and malice.

Yet people climb up from the ruins of their lives, surviving in the face of desperation. They struggle against each other blind to what lies beyond them.

The suffering created by the powerful does not disappear at death. The guilt follows them in life after life, even to the point of madness. But the good shed pain like a snake's skin, as layer after layer falls away with spiritual realization. I am the sun that draws the flower from its seed.

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