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The Lost Sadhanas Project - The Vajra Dakini
The Process of Emanation from Vajradhara

Before discussing Vajra Dakini's views on devotion further, it may be of help to first describe her origin and descent into the worlds that make her capable of interacting with students and seekers.

To describe the upper regions where the great Buddhas of light reside, and then describe the descent of beings such as the Vajra Dakini into lower regions where they are capable to helping and guiding those on the spiritual path is indeed a challenge. Though the description that follows is a vague approximation of these mysterious events, it does present a sense of the enormity and grandeur of the Buddhist higher worlds of light and creation while showing how far guides such as dakinis must descend to interact with human seekers.

The Vajra Dakini says,

I am an emanation of the celestial Buddha Vajradhara. He is beyond the light of a million suns. His light is shining, pure, clean, and bright - the luminescence of magnesium flares** upon magnesium flares. Such worlds are inconceivable since there is no accurate comparison that can be made with material things.

At the beginning of the emanation process, I had no separate mind from Vajradhara. I was simply a tiny point of light in his infinite mind with a feeling of an urge to expand. There was no process of reflection. I existed only as the movement of blossoming, expanding in beauty and awareness, moving out into endless freedom as a beam of light, a mass of snowflakes made of diamonds radiating spiritual light in all directions.

There are millions upon millions of universes and there are celestial Buddhas of light for each. I descended through endless numbers of reflections and refractions to the diamond worlds associated with this universe. I still had no individual identity.

As the Vajradhara within this universe echoed the cosmic expansion, I too echoed the primordial Buddha's radiance. I became the diamond within which an ocean of consciousness reflects into separate identities. Some grew wildly and reflected out in all directions, breaking their link with the diamond universe. They called themselves gods and started their own creations and worlds.

As the cosmic Vajra Dakini, I was the guide linking the primordial Buddhas with the reflective capacity of their beams of radiant light. In other words, I encouraged the development of individual identity.

However that was my cosmic dakini form. From that manifestation, light poured down like rain in a thunderstorm, with all of the droplets of light forming themselves into conscious beings.

But I still did not yet exist as an individual being. I rode the will to exist through infinite numbers of worlds as they became more and more complex. The original diamond that refracted the light was repeated within worlds upon worlds, with each version becoming more complex as it entered the hierarchies of reflective consciousness. It was like going down a waterfall with the water getting denser as it descended.

Eventually it reached this realm, and created a sphere in which all creative action would occur. At the center was the diamond with its emanations and newly created worlds.

I was far, far down the creative stream, the dakini who would guide the souls of mankind.

Having discussed the Vajra Yogini's origins, we can continue to explore her approach to devotion in Vajrayana Buddhism further.

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