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Vajra Compass
The Vajra Compass - A Visualization to Orient the Self at the Time of Death and Beyond

The Lost Sadhanas Project - The Vajra Bhairava
The Role of the Vajra Symbol in Death

The Vajra orients the self in infinite space. It acts like a kind of gyroscope that allows the self to have a stable footing in the midst of the four directions, as the celestial Buddhas are associated with the four directions. Without orientation, the disembodied self can panic and end up in worlds of fear. The first thing needed is a stable locale.

Only in stability can the self have free will. Without a stable locale, the emotions and passions take over. Insecurity liberates the darker passions while stability evokes rational thought and free will.

If the person has been initiated, this is the time to use the empowered mantra. It will create a ring of guardians around the self, and reveal the inner direction to the Buddha's paradise.

If the self is loaded down with karma, the empowered mantra will work differently. It will grease the conflicting forces of the different types of karma, so the self is not harmed by their conflict.

If the self is not at the mercy of the passions, especially fear of death or extinction, the Vajra can reveal some possible directions.

The modern understanding of Vajrayana is that it helps in adaptation to physical life. This is only a byproduct. The major goal is preparing the self for [death and] future lives.

Though many people claim they are so enlightened that they are not disturbed by extinction [or death], few of them are actually in nirvana [and have this level of detachment]. If they were, they would realize that getting there is a long journey, and there are many places to pass and visit on the way. Some are voluntary; more are involuntary, for there are many layers of karma to cleanse. Selves who are close to nirvana would not likely have physical bodies, unless they were bodhisattvas and chose to incarnate. Few modern Buddhists claim to be incarnate bodhisattvas.

So the introductory image for the Lost Sadhanas website shows the first step that the soul must take as it enters the spiritual world, and leaves the body behind.

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