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Thangka Image of Vajra Varahi with Her Flaying Knife

The Lost Sadhanas Project
Vajra Varahi - The Dark Goddess of Liberation

I am the goddess of the dark realms
Where forms are darkness and shadows are light.

I am extreme renunciation.
I cut off the deepest ties
To living things and to life itself.
I am the knife that cuts the cords of love and hate.
I wrench all level of bodies from the self
And force them to be purified of karma
Whether they like it or not.

I appear in terrifying forms
For it is terrifying to lose everything
And that is what the practitioner must do
To enter the state of liberation.

I separate the self from bodies
Scraping karma from the hidden places within those bodies
Where it stays secretly.

My symbol is the flaying knife
For I must first take the skins from the bodies
To remove the impurity.
I am the laundry woman who throws bodies against the rocks
Like dirty clothes being washed.
The fifth of suffering is washed away
And the pain beneath it is revealed
The hidden pain of frustrated desires.

I dwell in the world of non-being
Which is the opposite of the world of form.
Being and non-being eternally balance each other.
Liberation encompasses them both.

The shadow realms are the places of purification
Where that which has been hidden is revealed.
When the lights are out
The powers of darkness emerge.
Everything that has been denied
Arises to claim its power.

I am not a goddess of blessings.
I am a schoolmaster and guide through deep pathways
And my realm is the final test.
Only those without fear, hatred, and desire
Can pass through the gates.

My realm is not only for the human beings.
The universes are full of different forms of consciousness.
All develop and take on attachments
And all must have them stripped away
To return to the source.

All selves are travelers.
They come from the Void and return to it.
Suffering and desire are bonds
But it is identity itself that is the greatest challenge.

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