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Vajradhatvisvari - the Shakti of the Bodhisattva Ratnasambhava

The musicality of being lies in the flowing and streaming of all manifest consciousness
It greases friction, it smooths communication,
it lingers that all may gently wave around it

It is made manifest in the warmth of living contact
in the quietness of a mellow afternoon
in the joy of firelight and wine
in the realization of the Tao

It causes the many membranes of birth to act in unity
the impulse of sexuality to grow into love
the trees to flower and grow without disturbing one another
the waters of the Ganges at noon to heal a leper or a sinner

It is the life and death of beings within the warm currents of existence
it is the tired man falling asleep
it is the clear water running through the stagnant,
slowly washing it making it pure
it is grace in all forms

Its music is that of leaves rustling in the wind
it is water carrying life to deserts and distant shores
it is a drop of water merging with the ocean
it is the hum of bees, and the mating call of crickets

Plants hear the the music of harmony, in the pulsing of their juices
and the flowing of their sap
Animals hear it in their yawn of satisfaction, in the stretch of awakening,
in the pounding of blood in play or chase
Mankind also hears it, in the sigh of relief, in the flow of pleasant ideas,
in the joyous affirmation of great wonder, in the dance

His music echoes through the chasms and valleys
Liquid golden notes, molten and swelling with the essence of harmony
He is wise and gentle and bountiful
He makes all nature burst into song

He is Ratnasambhava, jewel of all maidens
Beloved by kings, his name is Order
Beloved by artists, he is called Balance
He causes the up-welling of joy in all beings
He makes the frozen to flow, he mends all fractures
He is the rising sun in the heart of the world.

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