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The Buddha of Pure Diamond Light Describes His Role

In order to know me, contemplate the sound of ice being shattered by lightning
Witness the diamond prison of the rational mind
Burst by the power of Truth
Perceive the iron bars of selfhood being
Cracked by the Infinite Mind.

I am both creative and destructive, compassionate and ruthless
I create the rainbow relationships of the Buddhas
The interactions of their light and shade
I destroy illusion with the power of Truth
And kill the sense of the separate self
I am compassionate towards those that strive for perfection
And I aid them in the casting off of desires
I am ruthless towards the evil, the clinging, and the desperate
For only the pure may approach me.

I hold the reins of creation in my hands
The first light of the Void and its wave of divine colors
I hold and store them, refract them within my crystal
The prisms of cut-glass within my symbolic waters.

My shakti is Vajrabodhi Dakini, the diamond wisdom of the Void
She is the channel by which my energies of creation take form
She is the vessel which holds the light, the diamond which surrounds me
Whose true form is the crystal vajra.

My music is ice and snow, wind and water
The victorious shout of the ascetic as he transcends the wrathful aspects
The moan of the tantrika as he is overcome by brilliance
The exploding dynamite of a man escaping from prison
The glorious silence when the chains of attachment to light have been left

To the seeker I say:

The Buddhas of the Vajrayana are powerful, and one must be pure
Not only to approach and encounter them
But in order to escape once you have done so
Each has beings who live for him alone
And may never leave to travel higher
For they cling to the Buddha and cannot give up his light.

Do not love beauty and do not cling
Or the rich rosy light will wind you a crimson shroud
Do not love power or striving, and do not conquer others
Or the emerald sword will spear you to the ground
Do not love sensual harmonies and the swaying of nature
Or the golden rows of grain will hide the sky
Do not love the icy purity of detachment and the isolation of space
Or the cold blue surfaces of the mind will prevent you from freedom.

Follow the path of peace and tranquility
Renounce all attachments
And strive for Truth and Freedom alone
For the most high beings may yet act through personality
The light of the god is not yet free
The concept of enlightenment must yet be rejected
For the experience of freedom to dawn.

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