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The Vajra Yogini - The Yogini Explains the Sambhogakaya

The Vajrayogini appears as a nightclub hostess in Shanghai with a long slit dress and cigarette with a holder. Her hair is in a bun with elaborate Chinese combs. She has a husky voice and says, "Follow me." We enter a room of mirrors. She says, "Each mirror leads to another world. Where would you like to go?"

My request today is, "Tell me about the Sambhogakaya."

She says, "Then we shall go through the central mirror." It ripples with brilliant light, like a diffraction grating. Then it appears as oil on water with rainbow designs, and then changes to rainbows on liquid mercury. The rainbows open into a white space.

The Vajrayogini is there in her benevolent, thangka-style form. She says, "Let's make a map."

There are millions of colors and sub-colors ranging from black to blue to green to yellow to white, orange, red, and maroon.

She says,

The Sambhogkaya includes the nonphysical worlds of form. Thus, it contains the astral worlds of desire, the alien worlds of varied forms of consciousness, the spiritual worlds of striving for awareness, and the heaven worlds for happiness and the hell worlds for pain, and worlds of many lives and many experiences. There are vast webs of interconnection through rebirth and karma and spiritual paths.

All the worlds glisten and cry, "Come to me." All beings move forward crying, "Save me." Those on downward paths say, "Give me intensity." Those on the upward path say, "Let the forces above protect me, and love me."

The yogini is the mistress of the house of mirrors. She holds the keys to its many doors. She is the carnival barker bringing in the country boys to watch the dance of the seven veils. She is the lion tamer with top hat and whip, keeping the passions at bay. She is the mime with white face, dancing out the dramas of imprisonment and freedom.

She says,

The Sambhogakaya is the world of forms within forms, endless forms. It is like the sea water in the tropics teeming with invisible creatures. It is a place to learn the mysteries of life. But no soul stays there forever, no matter how many threats and bribes the religions offer. Any god who is an individual with preferences and personality is part of the Sambhogakaya. They may threaten to hold souls forever, but they will not do it for they themselves cannot stay in that realm forever. All beings with qualities will eventually return to their origins, the place with no qualities.

The Dharmakaya is the origin of all dharmas, and is beyond them. Everything loved must be left behind to enter there. The positive side of enlightenment is freedom but there is also the tragic nature of enlightenment - the farewell to all one has valued, and everyone the person has loved. As they say, "You can't take it with you." Even the lightest feather or subtlest thought would have infinite weight in the Void.

There the yoginis float in the winds of freedom, the bodhisattvas strew rose petals and blessings, and the Buddhas send out circular waves of awareness. All minds are united in the vast waves of light, from the first spark to the infinite galaxies.

She says, "I raise and lower the curtains to the show."

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